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Characterizing faint galaxies at the epoch of reionization


The epoch of reionization marks a major phase transition of the Universe, during which the intergalactic space became transparent to UV photons. Determining when this occurred, the physical processes involved and the sources of ionizing radiation represents one of the major goals in observational cosmology. This topic inevitably requires the investigation of distant (z>6) and faint sources (L<L*, i.e., observed magnitude > 26).


An ultradeep 52 hours VLT/FORS2 spectrum

We have collected a 52 hours spectrum obtained with FORS2 …


Thursday, Oct. 23rd at h.14:00, in the seminars’ room (Via Ranzani 1, floor -1):

 Stephane De Barros (INAF – Osservatorio Astronomico di Bologna)

 Dust attenuation toward HII regions in distant star-forming galaxies  


It has been established that in local star-forming galaxies, nebular emission suffers additional dust attenuation than stellar emission (extra attenuation). Several studies at higher redshift have leaded to contradictory results about the existence of extra attenuation in distant star-forming galaxies. Extra attenuation is linked to how and …

NGC 6791, a normal open cluster after all?

LEFT: the stars observed in NGC6791 (red/blue: members; magenta/green: non members); CENTER: The uniform Na distribution; RIGHT: The Na-O "anticorrelation" (grey: GCs)


LEFT: the stars observed in NGC6791 (red/blue: members; magenta/green: non members); CENTER: The uniform Na distribution; RIGHT: The Na-O "anticorrelation" (grey: GCs)

Galactic open and globular clusters (OCs, GCs) appear to inhabit separate regions of the  age-mass plane. However, the transition between them is not easily defined because there  is some overlap between high-mass, old OCs and low-mass, young GCs. We are exploring  the possibility of a clear-cut separation between OCs and GCs using an abundance feature  that has …

Positions available at INAF – OABO


 Borsa di studio per laureati della durata di mesi 2 (due), eventualmente rinnovabile/prorogabile, finalizzata a “The AGN contribution to the SFR-M* plane from Herschel”.

Scadenza presentazione domande: ore 12:00 del 27 ottobre 2014.

Bando  (PDF – 5.4Mb) – Allegati (DOC – 62Kb)…

Radiotelescopio di Medicina “Croce del Nord”

L’Istituto di Radioastronomia (IRA) dell’INAF e 

l’Università di Bologna celebrano

i cinquant’anni del radiotelescopio “Croce del Nord”

“Mezzo secolo di storia, scienza e tecnologia”

L’evento si terrà il 4 ottobre 2014, presso il Centro Visite “Marcello Ceccarelli” della Stazione Radioastronomica di Medicina (BO).

Stefania Varano (Responsabile Didattica e Divulgazione IRA-INAF) Luigina Feretti (Direttore IRA) programma…